Dodge, The Life Lessons

I haven’t written anything in a while (mainly because I am at home in Moscow and here I somehow manage to switch on the lazy mode) but I haven’t stopped seeing.

I have previously said that a lot of car advertisements are filled with cliches and I am not a big fan of those, but this is not one of those. Dodge is 100 years old!! Now how would you inform people about that? Dodge has found people who are roughly the same age as a car and asked them to share what they have learned in their lives. They did not say how you should think about every move you make and be very careful of your every action. On contrary, they said that you should live fast and keep going (i have to admit I look at my grandmother with the different eyes now).

The reason I love this ad so much is not that it doesn’t have cliches, but the way it fits into the perception of the brand. In my opinion this brand of a muscle car (the muscle car) projects an image of excitement and certain freedom. This advert reflects well on this. Just listening to the advice you can here that. Moreover, dodge is 100 years old (100 is a big number). This brings me to saying “the words”, you learn a lot in 100 years.

Overall, this cliche-less exciting advert is a great ad that informs and creates a want.

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