Beautifully Grim and Breathtaking Illustration

Ialicebook.det.5t is always great to see new illustration but when it comes to professional this woman has set the bar high.

Camille Rose Garcia started apprenticeship with her mother at the age of 14. She has visited many punk shows and painted loads of murals. This is where the great illustration comes from. However, it is not the murals that I want to talk about, but rather her books.saddest.1

She has illustrated great stories like Cinderella, Snow White and Alice in the Wonderland.SnowWhite.detail Here are some book covers of hers. Without any saying she has played with something so close to us all, that even a tiny mistake could make everyone slain the work. That being said she has created something so magnificent and grim, yet  different and fantastic.

Therefore I have to say well done (loads of fist bumps and high fives) to Camille Rose Garcia and of course, thank you for something new out of the ordinary.

Tramontina: Genius Design

So I haven’t been writing for a long time, sorry. All the exams are done now and I can say I have time now (apart from work).

Recently I have seen this genius piece of design. How to educate a person about a culture of barbecue. Tramontina has created a book, with each page representing a stage of such process.

I personally think that this is a great way to create a worldwide brand recognition. I have to the video itself has gone viral. Moreover at the end of the video it said that the book was sent to chefs worldwide. So I am interested to see future videos with actual chefs’ interviews. In addition to that this great design (although one use only, I imagine 😦 ) is an interesting way of bringing some excitement to psychosocial meaning of the brand.