Shell We Move? Or Making Nature Participate In Your Promotion

Today, I have witnessed probably  the most creative idea in advertising, in a long while. Property agencies are very well known to many. That being said not a lot of them stand out. Although I am not looking for an apartment anymore I still get tons of emails daily about new properties on the market. All of them start to blend and look the same. More importantly, I have never seen any estate agent with “We care about environment” writing on any marketing communication (well, to be honest why should they advertise that). However, Suumo property agent in Japan has done something incredible. They got hermit crabs to move with them.

This is absolutely brilliant. Such campaign achieving environmental goals that people are proud of and then relate their brand with great brand ethics and spirit.

Carlsberg’s Plan

First of all, Happy Easter everyone!

Yesterday I have posted some of my thoughts on Carlsberg’s choice of advertising execution. Later, in the evening I found this article.

I have to say the thoughts on their new experiential campaign are very interesting. The big Carlsberg’s Easter chocolate bar is what I would like to unwrap.


More importantly, some results from their previous campaign, done on April Fool’s day are quite impressive. Now I can say that Carlsberg is just sticking with the strategy that worked fantastic for them previously. As the saying goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. I do understand that this may well be working, but there is another aspect to consider. People are picky, they want to see something new. How will it continue to work for Carlsberg in the future? It is hard to tell.

Advertising Cold Beverage or Ad Beervolution

My lecturer in direct marketing, in university used to say this:

“So one year one brewery did a Super Bowl advert with a blond in a bikini, next year it was a brunette in a bikini, the year after it was both of them still in bikinis washing a car. It lasted like this for quite sometime and then, it finally hit them… Twins”

Every time I remember this moment I can’t help but to smile. That being said, even the breweries are now using storytelling. Although it took some of them a while, and some are still on their way to it, let us take a look at what was and is going on with this topic.

The reason I decided to bring up this topic is Stella Artois’s new advert, telling a story of man passionate (and brave) enough to sell everything and take a chance. What will be your legacy?

First of all I really like this piece. Execution is brilliant, everything from the brilliant shots (except a moment where you can see a man carrying a TV when Sebastian is selling his belowgings. I am pretty sure those were not yet invented in 1708) to the energetic music that gives you the spirit of adventure and excitement. It works! When I was in a shop needles to say what beer did I buy.

However, this storytelling execution is not yet adopted by everyone. One of the brands I am talking about is Carlsberg. Being one of the fortunate ones to visit Copenhagen and the Carlsberg brewery, I can confidently say that they have plenty of history. Possibly even a more dramatic one than other breweries (not 100% sure though, so no need for throwing stones). Their campaigns of “What if Carlsberg did …” are great. Here is what would’ve been if they did haircuts (one of my favourites)

One of the other stunts they have done, which is also a huge personal favourite of mine is the cinema stunt.

However they do not tell their story. Personally, I would love to see some stories of Carlsberg brewery in their advertising. Maybe that will happen when their bring their Jacobsen range (my favourite out of all beers) to the rest of the world. But for now, I interested why aren’t they using storytelling.

Well, not having done a huge research into the matter, I present a few possibilities. The first one, is the fact that a lot of breweries already moved or are now moving to using this approach. Carlsberg, does stand out without its stories in ads. The big question is whether Carlsberg stands out in a good way. Another reason is that Carlsberg was hit hard when EU introduced sanctions for Russia over the Ukrainian situation in 2014. Which may have put off Carlsberg of changing and investing more in their advertising.

Emotional Parade of Christmas Ads

Some years ago, Christmas advertising was all about retailers showing their lovely toys,mouthwatering pies and breathtaking performances which you could buy tickets for. Today, is a different day and a different tactic. Nowadays, Christmas advertising is reminding about the emotion we feel when it comes to Christmas. This year, I have decided to compile a list of Christmas ads that touch our emotions.

So here are the top three:

3. Boots: Because She’s Special

I sincerely doubt that there are a lot of people who don’t recognise their mother as an important figure in their lives (maybe slightly less actually loves them, but no matter). So this advert reminds us again of this great person and that she deserves special treatment. This campaign already has been getting quite a response already, at #BecauseSpecial.

So with all mother’s emotion, struggle, toughness and a great soundtrack this is a definite 3rd place advert in

2. John Lewis: Monty, the penguin

It can be said that this year’s advert is not as good as the one before. That may well be true, but with brand such as John Lewis it is unnecessary. Reason being, is that this retailer has such an enormous amount of fans (185k twitter followers and over 828k likes on Facebook), who are ego to talk about something. So even this advert may not be as good, it still gets people talking about this brand.

All that being said, this list is rates the emotional appeal, so John Lewis takes 2nd place.

1. Sainsburys: British Truce

Sainsbury’s have outdone themselves by bringing us this true story from the 1st World War. This advert brings us that feeling of Christmas sharing. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you want to achieve, Christmas is something we all share (and “Silent Night”music piece being sung in trenches). Based on the music, World War topic and the cinematic itself, this beautiful tear dropper deserves the 1st place in the emotional Christmas Ad Parade list.

What if they could?!

What if they could choose? This brilliant spot (“The Orphanage”) was done by Havas Worldwide Helsinki ad agency for Fragile Childhood charity. This ad strikes with a clear message that kids can’t choose their parents and forces the viewer to see with their eyes. This is why I think this ad is so powerful. I think the target audience of this advert is universal as this can happen anywhere. As for the media, this advert will be talked about in the social media increasing its share of voice dramatically. This has happened with the previous adverts done for fragile childhood (Click here to see them).

With that kind of advertising the objective of encouraging appropriate alcohol consumption in the family household and discussions of such, can be achieved.

Here is something I found when doing research on this advert: (Source)

“According to research by the A-Clinic Foundation, a quarter of children and young people are at least occasionally affected negatively by alcohol use at home. The most common harm stemming from alcohol use at home is fighting: over half of the young people who have experienced harmful effects say that they have experienced this. The shame caused by the parent’s drinking and loss of trust are also commonly felt by those who have experienced harmful effects.

Fragile Childhood emphasises the importance of taking the child’s point of view into account and prioritising the child’s need for help.”