What if they could?!

What if they could choose? This brilliant spot (“The Orphanage”) was done by Havas Worldwide Helsinki ad agency for Fragile Childhood charity. This ad strikes with a clear message that kids can’t choose their parents and forces the viewer to see with their eyes. This is why I think this ad is so powerful. I think the target audience of this advert is universal as this can happen anywhere. As for the media, this advert will be talked about in the social media increasing its share of voice dramatically. This has happened with the previous adverts done for fragile childhood (Click here to see them).

With that kind of advertising the objective of encouraging appropriate alcohol consumption in the family household and discussions of such, can be achieved.

Here is something I found when doing research on this advert: (Source)

“According to research by the A-Clinic Foundation, a quarter of children and young people are at least occasionally affected negatively by alcohol use at home. The most common harm stemming from alcohol use at home is fighting: over half of the young people who have experienced harmful effects say that they have experienced this. The shame caused by the parent’s drinking and loss of trust are also commonly felt by those who have experienced harmful effects.

Fragile Childhood emphasises the importance of taking the child’s point of view into account and prioritising the child’s need for help.”

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