Starbucks going global

Hello, now that the summer is over I ought to start writing again. I have to admit I enjoyed it to much and forgot to write. However going through the AdWeek magazine (my every monday ritual) on my iPad I have found that Starbucks are launching their first global campaign.
I have to say that this ad have the message absolutely nailed. Starbucks is not a place where people just go for a coffee it is where they go to share stories, have fun and create. By showing what goes on in different Starbucks coffee shops around the world, this advert proves that. This is a brilliant campaign to take global, as feelings of happiness and togetherness are universal.
In order to have this message even louder Starbucks needs to bring people stories from their other shops around the world. This can be done by introducing new takeaway cups with drawings of other people or designers from other places. Those cups have to tell the story. Maybe Starbucks could surprise a loyal customer with personalised cup that tells their own story.

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