Modern Art Marketing

I have recently attended an “Art Basel Scope” exhibition on behalf of a friend of mine (artist who took part in the exhibition). He is a painter from Saint Petersburg in Russia. He asked me to represent him for the time of the exhibition and see how it works. I have attended all the exhibitions that took place during that time and here is what I saw.

Only art galleries are allowed to take part in exhibitions. Each gallery represents one or more artists, who’s talents vary (however I do not understand some things in modern art). The only promotional materials that I have seen are the booklets/brochures and some salesmanship from the galleries. I am currently making a plan advising him on what to do from the marketing prospective but some things still remain a mystery to me. Building a brand name is an important part of the business and as I have seen the talent does not have to play a crucial role.


How would you market the modern art?



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