Independence Day: What would it be like offending Americans?

Happy Independence Day America !! 🙂 With the unemployment rates being the lowest in the last five years, I bet it is even better.

To explore this, Newcastle Brown Ale has filmed an advert to show what would it be like if Britain was still in charge (link to the advert). Stephen Merchant starred in the advert explaining what would have happened. I have to admit I think a lot of people can find it offensive (as they did. In my personal opinion, no war has ever brought delight to the majority of globe’s population), but the amount of publicity Newcastle Ale can get for it is beyond imaginable. Also after the complaints started to storm in, they have aired another ad starring Elizabeth Hurly (Link to Hurly Advert). I have to say this can be annoying (I mean all villains are Russians in the movies).

The large amount of the videos will definitely get the worldwide attention. As to whether what is the advert’s objective… Well, you can say it is to get the publicity or in my opinion it is to gain attention of the Britons. I am not entirely sure if the sales will raise there (as I am back in Russia) however I do think that such offence can scar America for a long. This advert will either bring the Newcastle’s sales to the stars or it will damage the brand badly.

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