Simple, Adorable and Yet…

I have seen this advert on TV a couple of days ago, but haven’t really seen it all the way. This minute and a half spot reminds us of an importance of colours in our life. This simplistic and just adorable message is what makes this advert. This 80’s movie where the paint looks like a saviour of humanity from dull stroll through life, is a good way to remind people that it is time to brake out the colour.

Having said all that, I haven’t really felt that I should buy some paint, go nuts and paint my flat over. Although I do feel like I am in the advert (dark and rainy in UK right now, which creates a need for colour), I don’t think now is the time to redecorate for the summer. Maybe in a month or two. Also, I have to say that even that I find this ad adorable, I didn’t get that “ohh, I want to see that one again” feeling”.

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