Creativity. What the hell is it and what is behind it?

Creativity. What the hell is it and what is behind it?

This week one of my friends asked me what is creativity. My reply to this question was that it is an engine that drives us to come up with modern and bright ideas. Advertising guru, Sir John Hegarty says the ideas are not original but fresh, as those ideas are based on what we have seen before.

Then that friend continued and said what is behind that engine of yours? What fuels it? I then realised that creativity can’t really be described as an engine. In my opinion it is not something that you can switch on at any time and drive off. However, I do believe that you can stimulate creativity, using anything that surrounds you. Everything, from what you saw on the street to what you read. I believe that those experiences and emotions are the ultimate drives of creativity.

Please leave a comment with your opinion, I am very interested how would you describe it.

2 thoughts on “Creativity. What the hell is it and what is behind it?

  1. Balint Eles

    I agree that ideas are not original. But its execution can be original and even great. And I think that the engine of the creativity is a passion. The man must be crazy about something – art, writing, music etc. Some people are lucky and they have strong passions. Another people have weak passion.

  2. Alex Jones

    Creativity is the ability to see, build and action patterns. Stories, music, marketing and your blog are all patterns.

    Science reveals that creativity is caused by encouraging the brain signals to route down different neural pathways, this is done by doing new things and/or routine things in new ways.

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