Beauty Inside

First of all let me say this: I love advertising. What I don’t like about it and you can find it all the time, are clichés. They are icreadibly popular in car advertising. A lot of adverts for cars that I have seen are something along these lines: car shown from multiple angels while driving in the habitat it was designed for and a calm yet passionate voiceover describes the advantages of it. At the end the car stops on the cliff or some other dramatic place out, then screen goes black, the logo, the strap line and finish.

However on some occasions you see something different. This ad by Wieden + Kennedy for Civic Tourer shows me that difference. I am not going to lie, I am not a big fun of Honda but the message “made for practicality with loads of room” is shown in a good, playful way.

One thought on “Beauty Inside

  1. Lev

    Yes, I agree with you. Very interesting advert! I’ve seen the same idea in the advert of a new fiction of Paulo Coelho. Sorry, I cann’t find this teaser now 😦

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