Coca Cola, something that unites us

Coca Cola did it again. Coke is famous was their messages that bring happiness (Happiness vending machines campaign), “Hug Me” vending machine and so on. Here, the reminder message tells us that coke is what unites us and meant for everyone.

It is a similar message to the one in campaign  that was done in US (“America is Beautiful”). Although it spawned some offended reactions, but no-one described it better than other blog article I read earlier, “why is melting pot not melting?”.

P.S. As a Russian, I can say it is a huge relief for me to see that here we are not portrayed as mean killing machines.

One thought on “Coca Cola, something that unites us

  1. Lev

    Yes, It;s better than “Gravity” in which Russian satellite debris upset Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Even in hockey was not so insulting 🙂

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