Times VS Guardian, or why am I going to read Times

Recently, I have seen two adverts for weekend newspapers. Those giants are Times and Guardian/Observer. Let’s start with The Sunday Times.

Just WOW 🙂 If you were wondering lately, how to put Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue, Forest Gump, Don Draper, Da Vinci, Reservoir Dogs and Daft Punk in 50 second advert, look no further. I personally think this is a great idea of putting those “Icons” from variety of arts. These memorabilia is good way of sending the message for the introduction of refreshed cultural section in Times.

Now to the Guardian and Observer (link to the ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYlSvuu9KRo ). I have to admit, this is a great way of showing that Guardian is packed with a variety of activities to do. This message is played in a funny, bizarre and kind of violent way.

I do admit that both of those adverts have two very different messages. In fact a Great Wall of China is separating those two different ads. However, the Times appeals most to me, because of the creativity, the soundtrack by Mr. Tom Player (@tom_player) and the idea of showing something that would educate and entertain me.

3 thoughts on “Times VS Guardian, or why am I going to read Times

  1. Balint Eles

    Yes, SundayTimes is great! I liked it’s ad very much! Observer is worse! And what about a cat?! They lost the cat and forgot unhappy pet?!

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  3. Alex Jones

    The markets the Times and Guardian cater towards are different, thus their advertising campaigns will reflect this. Times and Guardian are as comparable as apples to oranges.

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