Peace and deodorant

Hello 🙂
I haven’t written anything in a while and on Friday something came to my attention.

BBH has done it again, teaming up LYNX (AXE) and Peace One Day. In their new advert they touch on the recent political figures and wars. This ad is suggesting what would it be if love prevailed. Strap line make love, not war re-enforces the idea. In my opinion the two objectives of the campaign are to raise awareness for “Peace one day” and sell the deodorant. Can peace be achieved with deodorant though?

Well, this advert is trying to show that the product isn’t only for attracting girls, this can be seen in the romantic touch of the ad. This battle to re-position LYNX (AXE) has been going for a while. However, it is still not working for me. Moreover some of my friends said the same thing and one of those people said it was bizarre to see Korean bit of the advert after he saw reports of executions done on the same square.

One thought on “Peace and deodorant

  1. Balint Eles

    Oh! I’ve seen this video before. It looks very interesting and intriguing! Asian people scared a little after news about executions in North Korea.

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