My “Top 5” adverts of the Year

As 2014 is very close now, I thought I would share my top 5 adverts of the year.

1. Don’t cover it up

You can’t ignore it. When you see it it will strike you down with what it will show you. This video gives advice on how to cover bruises done by an abusive partner. What really is scary is how ordinary it looks, you might not even know. This bold move was made by BBH advertising agency.

Link to the video

2. Love it. Hate it. Just don’t ignore it.

I have to admit, I am not exactly a big fan of Marmite. In fact I would love to have the Great Wall of China separating us, but this advert is a masterpiece. It is filmed like an animal rescue documentary, which shows a marmite rescue team that takes away marmite jars which are abandoned. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received more than 500 complaints about this advert. However, ASA decided to keep it anyway. This genius came from Adam and Eve agency’s creative minds.

Marmite advert link

3. Bear and Hare 

Although I think last year’s snowman was better, this one is still touching. In my opinion. the message remained from last year’s advert (give something more this Christmas).

John Lewis advert 

4. Be more dog

In my opinion this is a funny way to encourage customers to explore the endless possibilities of choices.

O2 “Be more dog” advert

5. Think Blue

Last but not least, the Volkswagen. This advert shows the ordinary dad trying to put his baby to sleep by driving around. When the car stops, the baby starts crying. Unfortunately (for the dad) the stop/start function of the car stops the car automatically, saying that at least dad who do that can save some fuel.

Volkswagen Advert 1

Although I have ran out of places, I find this Volkswagen advert from (USA) funny too.

Volkswagen Advert 2

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