Christmas Frenzy

I have to admit when it comes to Christmas, I turn into a 10 year old. I enjoy the decorations, presents and the spirit. During that time of year we all go present shopping crazy and see huge variety of themed advertisements. This year I have seen some already and this is what I think.


First ones that I saw were Tesco’s advert and I have to admit I liked it. It was cheery, showed how family’s come together, presents and traditions. It shows a heart-warming life of a family from 80’s to now. The next day I felt compelled to share that with my friend. I started telling him about it and half-way through my speech, he just said: “Oh, the Sainsbury’s ad”. I tried to correct him but he did not want to give in. At the end I just showed the actual ad, he showed me the what he was talking about (by the way the links are below). They both have the similar theme. The thing that interests me the most is that I love Tesco’s one more than Sainsbury’s one, when for my friend it is other way round. I guess which ever one you saw first will impress you the most.




BBH London has delivered a breathtaking makeover for a “The Nutcracker” for Baileys (link below). The choreography is fantastic, costumes are great and the dancer did a brilliant job. For me though, it was to good, there was so much that I kind of forgot about Baileys. The second time I have seen it it did stick though. In the end of an ad it did say “spend sometime with girls this Christmas” and I now if I am invited to girls’ house for christmas I would buy Baileys.


My Favourite

The last year’s John Lewis ad is the one that I think is the best Christmas advert so far. It does a great job a developing an emotional connection and I have to admit I was nearly crying how cute was it. For me it was a perfect encouragement to buy something from there and I did buy a present, do not remember what though.

John Lewis Ad 2012

This year’s cartoon version of the same message (Give more than presents) did not get me as much. I have to say that in last year’s there was a sense of journey, sense of caring. This year though I do not feel it that much.

John Lewis 2013

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